Top 10 Best Washing Machine Stand In India 2021

If you have recently purchased a new washing machine or if you are planning to buy a new one then you also need to purchase a very important accessory. Yes, we are talking about washing machine stands. A stand for washing machines is a very important and must-have accessory if you want to make your washing machine moveable.

Best Washing Machine Stand

Not only moveable it also can protect the washing machine in various situations. If you purchased a new washing machine then obviously you want to use it for a very long time. So, this is an accessory that can help you a lot.

There are too many brands present in the market who are selling washing machines. All of them have provided the different sizes of the washing machines which many types of capacities. So, you need to choose a stand that will be suitable for any top load washing machine or refrigerator. There are also many varieties of stands or trolleys present in the market or even in the online market. That will allow handling different types of weight and sizes.

And now if you are thinking to buy a stand for your washing machine then wait. There is a catch because in the market there are a ton of washing machine stands present. So, the main and important question is how did you come to know that which one should you need to buy.

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Don’t worry, because we came up with this post. In this post, we are going to show you the 10 Best Washing Machine Stand In India 2021.

These 10 best options are recommended by regular users and higher ratings.

Best Buy Washing Machine Stands Online in India

Now it’s time to explore all the features of these 10 washing machine stands. Remember one thing that these all recommended by regular users who use them for a long time.

1) Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing Machine Stand

Smart Shelter Original Premium Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing...

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Smart Shelter Smart Shelter Heavy Duty Prime / Top Load Washing Machine / Hang / Trolley is the best accessory for front / top load washing machines/coolers/dishwashers/air coolers. Clever Smart Shelter Smart Shelter is the most reliable. This stand is constructed of 100% metal and no synthetic component is used in this. To prevent rusting, the stand is powder-coated with high-grade powder. Stand requires heavy rubber jacks to withstand movements on its sides.

If you noticed, vibration is a common issue in all washing machines. If you want to fix this issue, not completely, but a big part then this stand is only for you. Because in this stand you will see vibration absorber attached on each side. It is the features that make this washing machine stand more advance.


  • Scale correction device for the installation and top lying of all products such as Haier, IFB, LG, Bosch, Siemens, Jacuzzi, Godrej, SAMSUNG, Mitashi, Intex, etc.
  • 100% Aluminum structure. And 100% Capacity to carry 140 kgs.
  • Dimension-Adjustable from min: 16.5 X 19.5 Inches (inner) to max: 25.5 X 32 Inches (inner) to 4″ height
  • 360 ° rotary polypropylene wheels in high quality with outstanding traction at the edge
  • Large rubber pads to withstand shocks on the edges.

2) Irkaja Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing Machine Stand

Irkaja Adjustable Wheeled Metal Stand/Trolley Suitable for Front...

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The stand/trolley is fully or semi-automatically used for all top and fore loads: cooler and rectangular base objects, cooler coolers and semi-automatic washing machines, (41 cm X 48 cm) and max. Dimensions: (66 cm X 81 cm).

The four sides of the trolley feature four-hand knobs. You just have to loosen the buttons manually and pull the faces opposite. You do not have to change the stand/trolley through additional tools.

The stand is made from 100% metal It can also easily carry a weight of at least 160 kg of the unit. The stand weighs 4 kilograms, the highest on the sector. When the machine is mounted, the heavyweight of the pad helps to keep the pad secure.

The stand offers a large versatility with four 360-degree spokes. There are four green rubber jackets placed at all four corners of the stand without thinking twice. Such rubber jackets are very good for stabilizing the frame. It also consumes computer noise while cleaning.


  • Fully / semi-automatic for washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, coolers for the whole belt, like LG, Samsung, Jacuzzi, Godrej, IFB, Bosch, Haier, Onida, Intex, Siemens, Myasha, Videocon, Panasonic, etc. Sizing adjustment mechanism to adapt to every front & top load.
  • 100% Metal. Built 100% Iron. Weight of full carrier capacity: 160 Kgs (without packaging): 4 Kg (powdered white paint to deter rust) Weight of stand
  • The mechanism to reduce the vibration generated by washing machine anti-vibration and anti-skid.

3) NTC Trolly Top Loading Washing Machine Heavy Duty Stand

NTC TAFTA Sigma Trolly Top Loading Washing Machine Heavy Duty of...

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This top load washing stand makes you easily move your washing. It also puts your computer at a height from the ground, thereby avoiding water damage / rusting in your system. The concrete is also safe and tidy.

It is suitable for all most all types of washing machines. If you want to go with a very durable stand then this one is only for you. Because this stand is purely made from iron. The iron frame is the main highlighting feature of this stand. And you don’t need to worry about rusting because it is coated with a rust-proof coating.

This one has a higher rating an affordable price for everyone. So if you want a long-lasting and low-cost stand then you can go with this stand without any problem.

Also as we talked about the vibration issue, in this stand you will get shock absorber on each side of the stand to make it vibration-free.


  • The material used to make it is Iron. Any you will get a coating to protect this stand from rust.
  • This is the stand that is suitable for almost all top load washing machines.
  • Adjustable build for all sizes of up to 8 kg of Haier fast loading washing machines

4) Golwyn’s Washing Machine, and Refrigerator Stand

Golwyn Refrigerator Stand, Washing Machine Stand,Furniture Base...

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It will save the furniture from corrosion and will not let your floor gets dusty with the rust marks. Golwyn has assured you to offer an often lower rate and best quality Golwyn All In One Stand Extremely built for refrigerator and sofa.

There is the item in our houses like refrigerators, washing machines, sofas, and other furniture that are continuously damaging from rust. Because they are directly contacting the floor that is why when they are interacting with water then rust becomes in the role.

If you want a stand that can handle heavy weight easily. Then this one’s for you because this can handle up to 300 kg. But this is not a stand that provides moveability. Mean that this stand does not have the joint frame and wheels with it. On this list, we included it because it comes at a very low price so that anyone can buy it.

With a low price, it is offering you the capacity to handle heavyweight. It has only one disadvantage that is it can not provide moveability to your washing machine.


  • Dimensions 10 * 10 * 5 cm.
  • It can easily handle up to 300 kg.
  • Saves framework and surface of furniture from rust
  • Contents Package: a Collection of 4 Pcs

5) Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty

Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing...

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On the next spot, we have something very interesting for you. No matter what type of washing machine or refrigerator you have. Because this stand is an all in one option. This can be a perfect fit for all most all top load washing machines and refrigerators. And the other best part is that you don’t need to install it just open the box and use it for what you want from it.

The main highlight is its frame. The frame of this stand can expand. This feature is making it different from the other stands. When you open it in its full length then it can handle or carry any top load washing machine or refrigerator. And also there is a wheel present to give moveability to your washing machine. They are not just 4 wheels fixed on all corners of the frame. They are special kinds of wheels.

This is a concern that when you are trying to stop your washing machine on a little slope. Then the washing machine slips. But here is the solution for you. This stand has four slips-free wheels full of traction with the floor.


  • Very easy to use. Just open the box and use it.
  • Amazing wheels made up of Mild Steel. They can lift any heavy item.
  • Non-skid locking mechanism connected with wheels
  • Quick to move from one place to other places

6) Irkaja Heavy Duty Washing Machine Adjustable and Moveable Stand

Irkaja Adjustable Wheeled Metal Stand/Trolley Suitable for Front...

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A high-performance component is the BTH Multi-functional Movable Adjustable Platform. On this multifunctional framework, you can easily and safely position your dryer, washing machine and refrigerator. The button style lock is used, and you don’t need a pin.

This flexible trolley has rotary rubber wheels that breeze heavy objects, and the locking wheels do not spin. It prevents rusting devices and protects against floor damage.

Constructed with high-quality materials including steel and plastic for excellent toughness and for long life. Load capacity for up to 100 Kgs and the minimum size is 410 X 410 mm to Max 730 x 730 mm with 3.80 kg of weight of this stand. Buffer locking system Absorb the vibration of the unit and stay in one position while washing/spinning.

And it comes with Coated Powder Paint for Rust & Corrosion protection of stand. This stand is built for all Top Load & front load washing machines, Refrigerators for all leading brands, Adjustable foundation moving/wheel trolleys with rails.


  • Ideal for all types of washing machines and refrigerators.
  • The material is used to manufacture is very durable and giving a long life to the stand.
  • The buffer locking system is available on every corner of this stand to absorb vibrations.
  • It comes with an adjustable base and the top-notch wheels and locking system.

7) SQUAREON Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Stand

SQUAREON Industries Adjustable Fully Automatic Top Loading...

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Trolley Secure your refrigerator and washing machines from rusting and disruption using this multi-use trolley. Adjustable Squareon Trolley It is fitted with four wheels and a sturdy building to provide your appliances firm support. The task of moving your devices is simple, but also safety is assured with this trolley.

It is made up of high quality and heavy-duty stainless steel frame. That is making it more durable and long-lasting. If you are looking for a stand that has a steel frame or body then this one can be a good choice for you. Take off the scale written in the package and calculate the distance at the bottom of the surface between four bases.

The mechanism for Buffer locks at one location to the trolley platform.


  • This one is adjustable and full/semi-automatic stand for all types of big brands like LG, Samsung, Videocon, etc.
  • It comes up with the stainless steel body/frame.
  • The buffer locking system are also present there to give you a better experience.

8) G-act Front/Top Load Washing Machine/Refrigerator Trolley/Stand

SQUAREON Industries Adjustable Fully Automatic Top Loading...

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Stainless steel stands for the cooler air and washing machine. Suitable for placing heavy items like washing machine, fridge, cabinet sterilization, and cooler air. Four wheels and a strong frame provide the devices with a solid hand. Not only does the job of shifting the machinery become simple with this trolley but also safety is assured. The brake rotor sits on the front side that is convincing to shift and to match.

The only drawback of this stand is it is not expandable stand. You can not expand it and use it for any size of washing machines and refrigerators.

It comes with a great design and a stainless steel body.


  • Steel frame with a white design.
  • Comes with wheels to make washing machine and refrigerators moveable
  • Suitable for washing machines and refrigerators.

9) FASNO Heavy Duty Front & Top Loading Washing Machine Stand

FASNO Sigma Trolly Top Loading Washing Machine Heavy Duty of...

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FASNO offers a high construction washing press stand on the market that is well regarded for its excellent performance. FASNO sells both labels. Such stands have been designed and developed utilizing modern technology and 100% metal quality by experienced professionals.

Durable Standard and customizable Heavy-Duty build for all Top-loading washing machines & coolers for all major brands. The capacity to load up to 80 Kgs is best in class. The station trolley locking mechanism at one spot.

Black powder coating, longer life, excellent esthetics, seven-way operation. Longer life. Corrosion-resistant Corrosion, superior quality, high strength of tensile strength, and wear and tear resistance are the most important features of these products.


  • 100% metal used to manufacture it.
  • It can handle up to 80 kg of weight.
  • Such have main features including corrosion resistance, high quality, high strength of the tensile and wear and tear resistance. In the market segments, such goods are therefore highly appreciated.

10) Hexzone TAFTA Adjustable Heavy Duty Stand

Hexzone TAFTA Adjustable Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing...

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This stand is very useful for housing a fully or semi-automatic front or top load washing machine, refrigerators with single and double doors, dishwashers or water cooler.

Steel booth or trolley with carrying capacity for any front or top load Manual washing machines or coolers, washing machines or other household appliances completely or semi-automatically.

360-degree Smooth wheels for rigid travel, vibration-absorbing jackets for vibrate reducing the (wash) system vibrations.


  • Shock absorber presents there in every corner of the frame of this stand.
  • The metal body is making it more durable.
  • There are good quality wheels present that can rotate 360 degrees.

So these we all the stands or trolley for washing machines and refrigerators.


If you have a washing machine or a refrigerator in your house or you want to purchase one of them. Then this post is only for you. Because in this post we have talked about 10 Best Washing Machine Stand In India 2021.

To keep washing machines and other appliances safe you need a stand for them. Stands are not only to make appliances moveable it is more about the protection of any appliances. There are too many reasons to buy a stand. That is why we came up with this post and in this post, we have showed all types of stands or trollies. All listed items on this list are highly recommended by their regular users.

But it is all upon you that what is your requirements and uses. If you are thinking to buy a stand for your washing machine of the refrigerator then select one of these stands that we listed above.

The other best and useful suggestion that every regular user will give then just go with a durable and expandable stand or trolly because the will provide you more space and also the value for money. If you will choose the durability and expand option first then that stand will never disappoint you.

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